Car AC Repair in Merritt Island, FL

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Don’t Go a Day Without AC

Having been in Merritt Island, Florida, for over 50 years, we might be a little biased. But at Jimmie Vickers Tire & Service Center, we think we live in one of the most beautiful places. Nothing beats cruising down the causeway with friends and family in your car, or heading out on an adventure on the Florida Space Coast. Perhaps the only drawback is the heat, which isn’t a burden as long as your car has good air conditioning. Our team doesn’t want drivers to have to go a day without AC in their cars, which is why we offer expert auto AC repairs and prompt turnaround. Once your vehicle’s climate control system starts showing signs of fatigue or failure, you can drop by our shop for fast, same-day service. Our service advisors will determine the cause of the issue and perform repairs to restore your vehicle’s comfort. We also offer 1234YF A/C services. To get started, call us at 321-453-2660 or stop by our facility at 545 E Merritt Island Causeway. We look forward to seeing you!

Signs Your Car’s AC Is Failing

The key to keeping your car cool and comfortable no matter the season is routine maintenance. When you visit our shop, ask our technicians to take a look at the air conditioning system to determine if minor repairs are needed. Replacing filters and inspecting electrical components might be all you need to get through the Florida heat worry-free. If your car’s AC is having any issues, it is important that you know how to recognize the problems and know when to call for help. If you notice any of these problems with your car’s AC system, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us.

  • Loud noises when the compressor is running
  • The cabin won’t cool down
  • Bad smells coming from the vents
  • AC leaks and water stains
  • Weak or no air coming from the vents

Guaranteed Repairs

Even with the technology of today’s vehicles, it is not uncommon for vehicle air conditioning systems to fail. What can be even more frustrating than driving around with no AC is dealing with unreliable or ineffective repairs. No one spends time at the auto repair shop only to leave with the same problem they started with! At Jimmi Vickers Tire & Service Center, we don’t send our customers back on the road unsatisfied. Once we’ve completed repairs to effectively restore your car’s air conditioning, we guarantee them with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. You will be able to drive with complete confidence in the quality of our work, knowing that we’ve done everything necessary to fix any auto AC problems for good. For more information about our warranty or auto AC services, contact us today!