Is There a “Typical” Tire?

The next time your vehicle needs a new set of tires, you may be surprised to find that you have so many choices. All the options might leave you wondering, “Is there a ‘typical’ tire? Can’t I just buy that one?” The answer is that there is not a single typical tire, although some are more versatile and frequently used that others. You don’t have to worry, however. In addition to following manufacturer’s recommendations, you can rely on the experienced technicians at Jimmie Vickers Tire & Service Center in Merritt Island, Florida. In business since 1965, we’re family owned and operated. We value our relationship with our customers, and we’ll be glad to help you through the tire purchase process with honest advice about your options.

Treading Across Your Choices 

To help you better understand the purchase possibilities, we’ll walk you through the basics. Cars, crossovers, and minivans are all categorized as passenger vehicles that take one of five kinds of tires. Touring tires, also known as grand touring, work well in all seasons and most weather conditions, providing a comfortable ride. Their tread pattern is asymmetrical. All-season tires are similar in that they also have a versatile tread pattern. However, these tires are encircled with grooves to improve traction in wet conditions. Performance tires can handle even greater amounts of water as they have larger grooves than the all-seasons. Frequently, they’re rated for higher speeds, as well. It’s no surprise that summer tires aren’t made for snow and ice. Otherwise, they do work well in both wet and dry conditions. Not for street use, racing or competition tires help cars set a blistering pace on the track. Tire manufacturers offer six options to truck and SUV owners. Highway tires are similar to the passenger all-seasons, but they’re made to carry heavier loads. Performance truck tires, with their all-season tread, are rated for higher speeds. Likewise, trail or all purpose tires are also all-season. however, they’re rugged and can navigate a wider variety of surfaces. Performing well off road, all-terrain tires have tread blocks while their counterparts, the mud-terrain tires, can navigate mud and sand with their even larger blocks. Their trade-off, however, is that mud-terrains are less comfortable when they’re run on a standard road surface. Many commercial drivers prefer ribbed tires because they’re both versatile and durable, and winter tires are the go-to option for truck owners who need to drive in wet, cold regions.

Your Go-To Option for Tires and Tire Services/Repairs

Not only can you purchase tires at Jimmie Vickers Tire & Service Center, but you can also get all the services and repairs you need to get maximum mileage from them.

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